Braden Eves - Overall Start/Finish Positions (Class Positions Not Shown)
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1GP of Road America Pres. by Cooper Tire-17/10/20Road America24
2GP of Road America Pres. by Cooper Tire-27/10/20Road America85
3GP of Mid-Ohio Presented by Cooper Tires-17/29/20Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course11
4GP of Mid-Ohio Presented by Cooper Tires-27/30/20Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course19
5GP of Mid-Ohio Presented by Cooper Tires-37/30/20Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course99
6Cooper Tires Freedom 908/21/20Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park87
7Indy Pro Oval Challenge of St. Louis8/29/20World Wide Technology Raceway52
8Cooper Tires Indy Pro 2000 Indy GP-19/3/20Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course612R
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1Indy Pro 2000 GP of Alabama-14/17/21Barber Motorsports Park11
2Indy Pro 2000 GP of Alabama-24/18/21Barber Motorsports Park44
3Indy Pro 2000 GP of St. Petersburg-14/24/21Streets of St. Petersburg11
4Indy Pro 2000 GP of St. Petersburg-24/25/21Streets of St. Petersburg66
5Indy Pro 2000 GP of Indianapolis-15/14/21Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course22
6Indy Pro 2000 GP of Indianapolis-25/15/21Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course22
7Indy Pro 2000 GP of Indianapolis-35/15/21Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course23
8Cooper Tires Freedom 905/29/21Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park24
9Cooper Tires GP of Road America-16/19/21Road America94
10Cooper Tires GP of Road America-26/20/21Road America54
11Cooper Tires Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio-17/3/21Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course55
12Cooper Tires Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio-27/4/21Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course89
13Cooper Tires Indy Pro 2000 Oval Challenge8/21/21World Wide Technology Raceway21
14GP Presented by The Andersen Companies-18/28/21Thunderbolt Raceway57
15GP Presented by The Andersen Companies-28/29/21Thunderbolt Raceway33
16GP Presented by The Andersen Companies-38/29/21Thunderbolt Raceway22
17VP Racing Lubricants GP of Mid-Ohio-110/2/21Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course33
18VP Racing Lubricants GP of Mid-Ohio-210/3/21Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course510
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1Andersen Interior Contracting GP of St Pete-12/25/22Streets of St. Petersburg54
2Andersen Interior Contracting GP of St Pete-22/26/22Streets of St. Petersburg43
3Andersen Interior Contracting GP of Alabama-14/30/22Barber Motorsports Park45
4Andersen Interior Contracting GP of Alabama-25/1/22Barber Motorsports Park22
5Cooper Tires GP of Indianapolis-15/13/22Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course10DQ
6Cooper Tires GP of Indianapolis-25/14/22Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course79
7Cooper Tires GP of Indianapolis-35/14/22Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course72
8Cooper Tires Freedom Tires 905/27/22Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park1411
9Cooper Tires GP of Road America-16/11/22Road America45
10Cooper Tires GP of Road America-26/12/22Road America41
11Cooper Tires GP of Mid-Ohio-17/2/22Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course138
12Cooper Tires GP of Mid-Ohio-27/2/22Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course108
13L&W Supply Grand Prix of Toronto-17/16/22Streets of Toronto612
14L&W Supply Grand Prix of Toronto-27/17/22Streets of Toronto115
15VP Racing Fuels Oval Challenge of St. Louis8/20/22World Wide Technology Raceway63
16Cooper Tires Grand Prix of Portland-19/2/22Portland International Raceway137
17Cooper Tires Grand Prix of Portland-29/2/22Portland International Raceway119
18Cooper Tires Grand Prix of Portland-39/3/22Portland International Raceway1111
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1Foundation Building Materials GP of St.Pete-13/9/24Streets of St. Petersburg105
2Foundation Building Materials GP of St.Pete-23/10/24Streets of St. Petersburg68
3Continental Tire GP of Louisiana-14/6/24NOLA Motorsports Park1412
4Continental Tire GP of Louisiana-24/7/24NOLA Motorsports Park1816
5Continental Tire GP of Louisiana-34/7/24NOLA Motorsports Park1816
6VP Racing GP of Indianapolis-15/10/24Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course318R
7VP Racing GP of Indianapolis-25/11/24Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course54
8VP Racing GP of Indianapolis-35/11/24Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course611
9Freedom 905/25/24Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park11
10Elite Engines GP of Road America-16/8/24Road America1115
11Elite Engines GP of Road America-26/8/24Road America116
12Elite Engines GP of Road America-36/9/24Road America1014
13Tatuus Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio-17/6/24Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course512
14Tatuus Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio-27/6/24Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course1717R
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