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Shawn Rashid (R)

#32 VRD Racing


Birthdate: October 5, 1995
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Residence: La Quinta, California
Instagram: @shawnrashid32
LinkedIn: Shawn Rashid
Website: rashidroyalracing.com




Fotos Inc. / ADS / Buckhead Collision

Nationality: American

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Height/weight: 5’9” / 160 lbs.

Education: Industrial Engineering degree from Purdue University

Hobbies: Hiking/being in nature; sports (golf, tennis, pickleball, basketball); mindfulness/spiritual practice; traveling and being in foreign cultures; motorsports culture

Favorite sport to watch: Formula 1 (Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton)

Best meal I can cook by myself: English breakfast with scrambled eggs

Talent I wish I had: Playing an instrument at an elite level

Bucket list: Skydiving in a wingsuit; visit Antarctica and Alaska; meditate inside the Great Pyramid of Giza; stay with a tribe in the Amazon, Africa and Outback; start a charity that helps build schools and educate the underprivileged; live in Italy or Spain

The one person I would most like to meet and why: Lewis Hamilton because he is not only extremely successful but also very spiritual. I believe we would have an interesting/meaningful conversation that I could gain a lot of wisdom from

Racing goal: Formula 1 champion

Racing hero: Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton 

Interesting notes about me: I grew up in Costa Rica and began flying helicopters at the age of 14.

Career results:


  • Competed in the MSVR GB3 Championship


  • First season of racing
  • Finished fifth in the BRSCC Avon Tires British Formula Ford 1600 Championship with one race win and three additional podium finishes
  • Won a Heat race in the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch.